CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines - Jetlite 3020


KELPE manufactures complete CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines fitted with industry standard high pressure waterjet pumps and abrasive delivery systems. The JetLite series provides a low cost solution for CNC waterjet cutting of practically any material. The main features are:

Precise positioning with 0.1mm resolution is achieved by the combination of an embedded closed loop real time controller and servo controlled ball screw and rack drives on the X, Y and Z axes. Once the cutting plan is prepared offline using the True Shape Nesting Software provided, the CNC file is transferred to the machine by means of a CD, USB or WLAN interface. The operator can then execute and monitor the program using a very simple, easy to use graphical user interface provided on a 19″ LCD monitor. Marking is not required and the exact cutting progress is displayed on screen. During the cutting operation, operator input is minimized by the Auto-Ignition, Remote Flame/Arc On/Off Control and Auto Torch Height Control facilities provided.

  • Precision Ball Screw Drives on all Axes
  • MITSUBISHI(Japan) AC Servo Controls
  • Hardened and Ground LM Guideways on all Axes
  • Graphical User Interface with 19″ LCD Display
  • True Shape Nesting
  • Independent Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • Wide Gantry Designed for Ease of Access and Loading
  • Choice of High Pressure Pumps


  • MITSUBISHI (Japan) Electronic Controls
  • Precision Ball Screw Drives on all Axes
  • Choice of KMT (Germany) High Pressure Pumps
  • KMT (Germany) make Cutting Head and AMS
  • Hardened and Ground LM Guide ways on all Axes
  • 19 inch LCD Display and True Nesting Software

General Specifications